From building construction to service facilities (such as drainages, sewer services and pavement construction). GOLDFRAME NIGERIA LIMITED builds a wide range of facilities. We serve both private and public markets and deliver outstanding value with our depth of experience on project, large and small. We have extensive experience in delivering challenging projects.



We offer a general and specialized service that covers the following areas:

  • Environmental/ sanitary engineering services
  • Civil engineering works
  • Building construction
  • General contractor.

The company’s business is all about team and our success has been built on the strong teamwork we forged on every front over the years. We understand that each team member – the client, design professional, other partnering companies and construction specialist – brings specific knowledge and strength to the project team. We stress an approach that builds on these strengths, enabling all members to work closely and efficiently as a team specifically assembled to deliver any particular project. The advantages of this approach stem from trust and cooperation between owner, architect and constructor. The Benefits Are:

  • • Complete control over all aspects of your project.
  • • Architect and constructor each working in your best interest.
  • • Good and effective coordination with the client or appointed project consultant.
  • • Collaboration rather than confrontation.

Our teamwork method integrates design and construction services, building a strategic consensus that balances function, budget and design, resulting in highly satisfied users and award- industry, winning structures.

Our list of projects can be found here