The company which has a strong family tie, as it was initially registered and operated as JAMUHADA by Mall. Ja’afar Muhammed Adano of blessed memory. However, in order to reposition the company to face the new realities and prevailing challenges of our time the company was re-registered as Goldframe limited on 22nd April, 2009. GOLDFRAME NIGERIA LIMITED is a bondable general contractor and construction managing firm, well known for Civil Engineering Construction, Environmental Services and Maintenance/ Management of Service Infrastructure. GOLDFRAME NIGERIA LIMITED has a variety of delivery methods to meet specific needs of clients which includes construction, management, program management, design, build, rehabilitation works and general contracting.


GOLDFRAME NIGERIA LIMITED gets involved in project early in the design phase, responsible for cost estimating, budgeting, value management, scheduling, bid management and contract administration. Bringing our expertise at the table early in the design process permits us to use our real-world experience to recommend systems and materials, evaluate alternate designs, estimate construction costs with accuracy and get the best bids. VALUE –LED: Being value-led is the heart of GOLDFRAME NIGERIA LIMITED success. Some of the company’s principal values – putting clients interest first, keeping commitments made, making sure everybody wins, doing whatever it takes, valuing and respecting others, doing it the safe way – have built our company’s growing reputation.